Ed Slade – Area 51 Secrets Exposed – Aliens, UFOs, Tesla and More! – Part 1

Nikola Tesla Secret

Special thanks to Chris Zucker of www.freedomfightersforamerica.com and Stew Webb of www.stewwebb.com for doing these interviews in 2009 and 2010! Support th…
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Nikola Tesla Secret


Ed Slade – Area 51 Secrets Exposed – Aliens, UFOs, Tesla and More! – Part 1 — 18 Comments

  1. Muhammad was the one that killed thousands HIMSELF! Those that kill others were NOT Christians just like G.W. Bush was NOT a Christian. Jesus never killed anybody but Muhammad sure did. Go learn some history and you’ll see he personally killed THOUSANDS! That’s how you know who he served – Satan.

  2. Know your History before trying to tarnish another. Muslims who condone killing are the same as Christians who killed millions of women because they said they were witches, because they could bleed and not die, these women were only having their periods. This is called extremism, and has nothing to do with the religion itself. Don’t confuse customs of cultures with entire religious faiths. In some cultures to throw a show at you is the ultimate disrespect that has nothing to do with religion.

  3. No, I don’t but I just found some good prayers from the Bible. Google, “20 Dangerously Powerful Bible Prayers.” That one looks good. Also remember God just wants you to talk to him so you don’t have to follow the same thing all the time. Confess your sins to God and tell him to work on you so that you stop those sins and tell him you want to serve him. I have find that when you get real with God, you feel it! It’s like an energy all around you – feels really GREAT- it’s the Holy Spirit!

  4. I only trust the Bible since it’s had over 2000 prophecies come true and is God’s word. Bob Lazar is not dead – I read something where he has been seen boarding the plane that goes to Area 51 but don’t know if that’s true, it was a rumor posted online. I have no way of verifying. John Lear might know. Check out the interview we did with him on this channel.

  5. Is there anyway we can read these texts Ed talks about. Very interesting and another confirmation aliens are the fallen angels.
    Also do you know if bob lazar was killed? I never heard anything on George Noorey

  6. Yes, this is absolutely correct, ultimately Satan wants your soul. There are only two places everybody goes – heaven or hell. Even many Christians will end up in hell because they keep living in sin and God doesn’t want luke warm Christians. We can’t keep sinning and go to heaven – I know this now. We must be hardcore for God and set good examples so that others see God’s work in us!

  7. God is very clear about what happens to those that had the opportunity to learn about him but refused. “But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.” – Matthew 10:33 “Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.” – John 2:22 I was deceived when I was younger but God allowed me to learn the truth and now I tell others. I pray that you one day know that Jesus loves you!

  8. maybe u should take some advice of ed and stop being so RELIGIOUS. why cant it be enough to live a life of integrity and love humans? you put labels on anyone that doesnt believe in jesus christ as a person of satan? is this the judgmental nature of god as well? i think not…great video btw thank you for posting…now you should actually watch them and learn

  9. Sorry one thing I don’t agree with. It is not the blood of humans but the soul of humans. It is the SOUL of humans that the “aliens” or “fallen angles” whatever you want to call them. want. That is the purpose of this battle. It is for your soul. not blood

  10. GODS TEAM :D . you know this illuminati is scary D: at first didn’t believe in it,but after i read scripture and katt has testified i had no choice but to believe because god spoke about secret societies Revelation 16:14 :( .

  11. Go google “Project Nsearch”. I have the new world order plans exposed right on the home page and it says that the new world order would slowly change the word of God over time so that nobody would notice. The King James is by far the best version of the Bible and has had the fewest changes. It’s still God’s word and has had over 2000 prophecies come true including over 300 about Jesus! The Bible is God’s word and only Jesus can save you from hell. Jesus is real and is the way!

  12. That is not true. Jesus never killed anybody while Muhammad killed thousands and cut their heads off. Jesus never forced people to believe in him or God while Muhammad killed anybody that would not submit! Jesus preached to not lie or steal and Muhammad said it was okay to do that to a non muslim! Jesus never had slaves – Muhammad had thousands! Muslims can be saved just like Jews and anybody else can be saved but they cannot do evil as is taught in their books.

  13. I am sorry to but in but I have to say something. I am not sure why wouldn’t the Government or the Elite of the World use the Bible to be their best advertising tool? Bible is the most popular and read book in the World. Do you not think that “they” would have ether changed it or are already made as they want it so that they can promote what ever they wish? Everything else is manipulated with and created so that we would go one way – the way that the Elite wants us to go – but not the Bible? Hmm

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